Thames Primary School

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Our Vision

Here At Thames Primary Academy our mission is to ensure all children are provided with the opportunities to succeed to the best of their ability – to become happy, confident,
caring, trustworthy and community minded people with their own positive vision for the future.

We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and the contribution made by each individual to our community of learners. This includes all children, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community.


We aim to:

Ignite imaginations through exciting, innovative and inspirational teaching, in a climate that encourages risk taking in learning.

Work together in a supportive and inclusive environment, rooted in mutual respect, in which everybody feels safe and valued.

Foster a sense of morality, personal value and pride, encouraging responsibility, tolerance and citizenship in our school community and beyond.

Monitor and evaluate pupil progress, to personalise effective learning experiences that ensure pupils attain and achieve well.

Raise aspirations of all, celebrate achievement and nurture ambitious and resilient life-long learners.

Promote curiosity and creativity through imaginative, relevant, vivid and varied learning experiences.