Whalley Primary School

Welcome to Whalley CE Primary School


The school is a busy, happy place with hardworking staff who use a variety of teaching methods to ensure learning is fun. We firmly believe that our school has a caring, family atmosphere. As a family we know one another, show respect to each other and care for one another very much and because we are a faith-based school, we see God as our Father.

Although we strive for good academic results, we are well aware that academic ability is not the be-all-and-end-all. Children have many different interests, skills and abilities and huge potential, and we work hard to make the education we offer as broad as possible to meet this range.

We hope that your child will thrive at our school and that, as parents and carers, you will become fully involved in your child’s education, and the life of the school.

For further information about the school please visit the website at http://www.whalleyceprimary.co.uk/