Woodlands Primary School

Welcome to Woodlands Primary School!


Rather than write a long, rambling piece which tries to convince you how wonderful our school is, I am just going to include some quotes from a recent pupil survey. The children, from all year groups, were asked what they liked best about Woodlands. Here are some of the things they wrote:

The teachers are kind & friendly
Star of the Week
Everyone smiles
We are surrounded by friends
Golden Time
Hard-working teaching assistants
Woodlands 5
School Council
Different groups for different lessons
I am trusted to do things
English / Art / PE / DT / Geography / History
Everyone is treated equally
The teachers always give really good feedback on my work
In school I feel safe & have fun
The teachers do as much as they can to make lessons enjoyable for us
If there is a problem or you’re worried about something the teachers always sort it out
The teachers make it exciting for us to learn new things in different ways