Welcome to our ‘Get Involved’ page! We aim to offer a range of opportunities to students studying at College, University and all young people between the ages of 16 and 21 interested in gaining experience in the Community Rail industry and exploring their career options.

We offer several different opportunities to meet your career interests and provide you with the opporunity to gain some expereince with Northern Railway. All experiences are designed to help develop your skills and provide you with the crucial experience you need to further your career, including recognition of your time with us.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering gives you the chance to develop new skill sets, explore your career options and become more employable. Rail careers involve not only engineering roles, but roles in education, marketing, customer service, retail, project management and much more. Volunteering with us helps you explore some of the opportunities available to you in the rail industry and to understand the impact that volunteering can have.

Here are a few recent pictures of Lancaster University Students raising awareness of Community Rail at Preston station, including a fabulous Craft Room for children:

Take a look at the different opportunities and email us your interest or any questions you may have. We are also keen to hear from you if you are passionate about any projects or roles that would help develop your own interests, which are relevant and beneficial to Community Rail.

Download our Volunteer handout for more information on our opportunities!