Activities at Home

Whilst many parents will be looking online for activities for children to do incase of school closures, Community Rail Lancashire have decided to publish some rail-related activities which link to the National Curriculum.


The websites in the links are great for learning about the railway industry.  There are many free, downloadable activities to learn about safety, history and careers.


Have you got a train set somewhere in the house?  As well as designing your own railway, maybe you could:

  • Design some bridges to go over the track using junk
  • Design new stations along the route
  •  Make a rail safety video explaining how to use level crossings
  •  Make rail tickets for passengers using your railway

Can you think of any more?  Tell us…

From a Railway Carriage was a poem written by Robert Louis Stephenson in 1885.  Watch the video below to find out the meaning of some of the vocabulary in it.  Then have a go at writing your own version (worksheet in the downloads section)


See the activities in our Reasoning Express programme that link maths to the railway.



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