Education Network

Welcome to the Education Network!

With thanks to Sum Solutions for the production of this video.

The purpose of the Education Network is to share ideas and feedback in relation to educational engagement in community rail groups. Community Rail Lancashire aims to create more opportunities for partnerships and groups to support each other and use these ideas to implement a higher level of successful engagement. The education network facilitates a programme of sessions relevant to the members of the network, with a focus on specific elements relating to education and communities.

The key objectives are as follows:

  • To share best practice in educational engagement by Community Rail Partnerships and groups
  • To provide a tool for communication and support
  • Delivering meaningful workshops to develop innovative thinking on how different levels of education can help serve community rail further and vice versa
  • Trialling new methods of engagement and sharing successes within the network

Please click on the attachments in the downloads bar to find materials from sessions held to date: from here you can also find any supporting materials discussed in the network.

Please email if you have any session materials from the Education Network to be uploaded and shared.