Reasoning Express

The Reasoning Express challenges give pupils the opportunities to learn and use their mathematical skills in a real-life context. The challenges explore mathematics that underpins aspects of the railway industry.


The Reasoning Express is a series of mathematical problems and investigations that are linked to the Year 4 and 5 Mathematics National Curriculum. During the Spring and Summer terms of 2020 there will be four challenges that your pupils can access. Each challenge has a clear set of instructions where your class of pupils will select an entry to put forward, which will compete with the other schools involved.


How you decide to deliver the challenges is up to each school. Some might prefer whole class lessons, others a lunchtime club.

How to take part

During Spring/Summer 2020, The Reasoning Express will be piloted in Bradford.  If you are a school from a different area, feel free to use the resources and let us know how you get on with them.   

After this date, it is hoped Reasoning Express will be rolled out to schools in all other areas.




How to submit an entry


Please follow @reasoningxpress on twitter. You can either post photos or videos to the account publicly, or if you would prefer to you can message them to the @reasoningxpress inbox.

Please ensure your chosen entries are submitted before each deadline. For each challenge, a guest judge from the railway industry will sit on the panel.


Awards available



There will be three available awards for each challenge; Gold, Silver and Bronze. If your school wins an award, a certificate will be emailed to you. At the end of the school year, participation awards will be emailed to all schools that have taken part.