Teacher’s Packs

The teaching packs provide a wealth of information to support the ‘Brian the Bull’ DVDs.

The packs are designed to be used with pupils aged 7 to 11 (Key Stage 2) but can be adapted for use with younger or older pupils. The packs can be used with or without the relevant DVDs.

To download our packs, use the useful downloads links to the left of the screen;

‘Greening the East Lancashire Line’

The DVD and teaching pack follow a train on its journey from Colne to Preston and feature a range of environmental initiatives which have helped make the railway line more sustainable.  The most important is the new eco station at Accrington.

Explore the Ribble Valley Line’

The DVD and teaching pack follow the railway line from Blackburn to Clitheroe looking at a range of themes such as the history of the line, the bridges and viaducts constructed along it and some of the people connected with the line.  It also takes a step back in time to explore historical structures such as Clitheroe Castle and Whalley Abbey.

If you want to download and print the teaching packs why not consider the environment and print it in black and white and not in colour? Available to download using the useful downloads links to the left of the screen

Have you been enthused by the teaching packs?  Do you think you could develop one for your local line?  Community Rail Lancashire would like to hear from you and would be delighted to offer guidance and advice on how to set about such a project.  Time and resources mean that CRL can’t do the research or writing for you but we would love to place your teaching pack on this website.  For more information email CRL at info@downtheline.org.uk.