Poetry Read aloud their own writing, to a group or the whole class, using appropriate intonation and controlling the tone and volume so that the meaning is clear. Discussing writing similar to that which they are planning to write in order to understand and learn from its structure, vocabulary and grammar Acrostic poems. Children to construct acrostic poems using the name of their local station, following their train journey. ‘From a Railway Carriage’ – R.L. Stevenson. Children to construct a poem in a similar style, following their train journey. Writing frames can be provided for differentiation
Story In narratives, creating settings, characters and plot ‘The Railway Children’ - E. Nesbit • Peter the coal ‘thief’ • Bobbie saves the train • Dragon Roar. Children to adapt passages and events with their own settings and characters.
Non-fiction In non-narrative material, using simple organisational devices [for example, headings and sub-headings] Instructional texts e.g. The Train Driver – Wayland. Following their train journey, children write a leaflet explaining how to use a train