Home Education Trips

Trains can be a lot quieter during the middle of the day so provide an ideal form of transport for home-educated families.  Working at the train’s tables also provides an opportunity to collaborate on activities which is impossible in a car.  Coming along to an organised visit gives some families with little rail experience confidence to use the train again to plan another fun, educational trip.


Families choose to home-educate for a variety of reasons.  One such reason is there is a flexibility in the curriculum they teach at home.  They can tailor-make the lessons to fit in with their children’s interests.  Another reason is that families aren’t tied to a school calendar and can holiday when they choose.  They can also travel to really exciting places during term time when they are likely to be less busy.

On Tuesday 4th December, several Home-educated families from the West Yorkshire area joined Karen and our volunteer Hannah on a trip to the Railway museum in York.

Setting off from Bradford Interchange, they took their seats and completed an I-spy activity which encouraged the families to look out of the window and learn a little about the railway too.

It was a great chance for some of the families to chat to each other and for the children to make friends.

When they arrived, the group had an opportunity to explore the museum as a family.  There was an optional quiz to complete during the trip so the children had to look out for some clues.

On the way home, tired children and adults chatted about how much they had enjoyed the trip and went through some ideas for future visits.



To find out more about Home Education Visits please email Karen from CRL – karenalisonbennett@btconnect.com